Daily Opioid Dispensing and Reporting made easy
Approved in all Australian States
Secure and Affordable

EasyDose, the quick and simple way to dose patients
Dosing, Reporting and Statistical Analysis made EASY
Designed by Pharmacists for Pharmacists

Cheapest and most versatile dispensing software which is available for use and approved throughout Australia ^

Now available with the power of a
Signature Pad and Bio-Metric (FingerPrint) Reader

EasyDose starts at $300* per annum
Other versions available for $400* and $600* per annum
90 day Trial version available

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(Free Version does not include support)

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^ Health Department approved for use in New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania
^ Compliant within Victoria, Northern Territory and ACT (Approval not required)

* Signup fee applies to the initial purchase of EasyDose