EasyDose Updates

Latest Updates (Beta V2.2.1685.1.1)

  • Improved Back-Up functionality.  Now seamlessly backup to any computer or device.

Latest Updates (Beta V2.2.1671.1.1 and 64Bit V2.2.1671.1.2) 

  • The ability to seamlessly email payment receipts Patients.
  • The ability to search for a patient in the Daily Dosing Form.
  • The ability to search for a patient in the Patient Summary Form.
  • Self closing confirmation boxes.
  • Reset Password Confirmation Box – Remove from self closing so the message can be read.
  • Change the look of EasyDose to Borderless forms.  Can be changed back in settings.
  • Minor bug fixes to Dose In Store and/or Takeaway Form
  • Minor bug fixes toIncident Report Form
  • NEW Splash Screen and About Form

Latest Updates (Beta V2.2.1608.1.1)  (Soon to be released to all users)

  • Windows XP:  Additional, advanced features (fingerprint reader technology) removed to help stability of Windows XP.
  • Subscription:  Correct issues in relation to Subscription, Expiry date recognition and correct grace period of 14 days to renew subscription
  • Subscription Reminder:  Modify frequency of Subscription expiry reminder.  Now once per log in session of EasyDose.
  • Work Station License:  Bug fix for recognition of renewal of Subscription for additional workstations
  • Payments by Patient:  Modify system to allow the ‘rolling over’ of credit for daily dosing to ‘Dosing on a Plan’.
  • FINGER PRINT READER(S):  Full functionality of Finger Print Readers (Biometric Scanning) enabled.  
    • Both the Pharmacist and Patient can use a shared or separate fingerprint reader for improved speed of dosing and improved functionality.  
    • Pharmacists can login, change user, confirm dosage and more at the touch of their finger.
    • Negates the need to change their EasyDose password.  
    • Patients are easily and automatically identified for dosing purposes.  
    • Fingerprint replaces the need for patients to SIGN for their dose.

Latest Updates (Beta – V2.2.1570.1.7, 64 bit V2.2.1570.1.5)  Note: 32 bit discontinued

  • Prescriptions:  Ability to add additional prescriptions before the current prescription expires with the ability to SET the current prescription.
  • State Default Settings:  Defaults for each state will be included and automatically setup in accordance with the selection of the state within the Business Details Form.  These default settings effect warning, emailing of reports, system functionality, dilution amounts and more.
  • Queensland Requirements:  Completely redesigned to cater for the Instruction Sheet resulting a vastly modified System Setting s Form, Business Option For, Patient Form, Dosing Forms and Prescription.  Additional report for Queensland Health (Instruction Sheet)
  • South Australia:  Modification to the Payment Form relating to Weekly and Monthly Plans
  • Reduction of the amount of confirmation and message boxes.
  • New look message boxes and borderless forms.

Latest Updates  (Beta – 2.1375.2.9, 64 Bit – 2.1375.2.10, 32 Bit – 2.1375.2.11)

  • Reports:  Additional Payment reports, a Missed Dosing report
  • Enhanced speed:  With additional clients coming on board with huge numbers of patients, EasyDose has created over 1,000,000 dosing records.  EasyDose has been enhanced to greatly improve its performance with large databases.
  • Hardware requirements revised:  The website hardware requirements have been revised with the advent of larger volumes of data being experienced by EasyDose.
  • NSW and Queensland Takeaway Requirements:  A revised Dose InStore and/or Takeaway form allowing up to 30 and 31 takeaway doses respectively.
  • Payments:  Addition of customised Plans (1 to 6 days) and the ability to reverse a Plan Payment.

Latest Updates (versions V2.0.0.8 32 bit and V2.0.0.7 64 bit)

The Payment System has been completely rewritten:

These modifications to the Payment system are all but complete.  It will allow for:

  • Normal Daily Payments (as is),
  • Daily Dosing with Discount functionality,
  • Weekly Plans (with or with our discount),
  • Monthly Plans (with or without discount).

Under the Weekly and Monthly plans, any missed doses are forfeited by the Patient with their balance resetting to $0 at the expiration of the plan.

A whole new payment form has been designed with payment features being able to be turned On or Off in the System Options.

Additional Payment reports have been included which include the ability to print a Daily Takings report and a report showing monies received from a third party such as Prisons Department or Centrelink.

Electronic Signature Pad

For the states where the patient is required to sign for their dose, EasyDose currently allows for a written signature on a printed form but will soon include the ability for the patient to sign via an Electronic Signature Pad for their received doses.

Finger Print Scanner

For the states where the patient is required to sign for their dose, EasyDose currently allows for a written signature on a printed form but will soon include the ability for the patient to verify their identity and receipt of their received doses. (Biometric Scanning).

Released 25/08/2015

Latest Updates (versions V2.0.0.3 32 bit and V2.0.0.4 64 bit)

1.  Multi-signature sheet modified for South Australian Requirements
2. New Label set for Pharmacies in South Australia
3. Extended backup Time-Out to prevent backup failure
4. Corrected minor issues in relation to adding Health Department Inspector
5. Modified system to allow up to 30 Takeaways to comply with various state requirements.
Released 23rd May 2015

Latest Updates (version V2.

1. Multi signature sheets for states where required/requested
2. Defaults for each state for the System Options
3. Some fixes to the date functionality for the Take-a-way form, especially for cancelled doses.
4.  Added a patient email address in readiness for the ability to email receipts and reminders to the patient.
Released on 13/04/2015

Latest Updates (Version

1. Security and Password enhancements
2. Changes to EasyDose and website relating to the licensing models and versions
3. Additions to website

Latest Updates (Version

The latest version includes several critical areas of functionality.

1.  Correct ability to automatically Email Doctor when an Incident Report is submitted.
2.  Prescription will accept the current date as the expiry date.
3.  Addition of a Correction Entries report.
4.  Additional column added to the Daily Dosing form.
5.  Modification to Labels and Stock Movements report to comply with Health Department requirements in NSW.
6.  Withdraw EasyDose 2 patient version and replace it with a 5 Patient version with a 90 trial offer.
7.  Modify Invoice for purchase and renewal of EasyDose products.
8.  Modifications to the Health Department report to ensure accurate reporting when a patient changes drugs mid month

Latest Updates (Version

The latest version includes several critical areas of functionality.

1. DOSING WILL NOT BE PERMITTED if an AHPRA number is duplicated or is not completed or is incorrect. EasyDose will not allow that particular pharmacist to dose any patients. Please ensure each and every pharmacist has their AHPRA number correctly recorded. Details are recorded at the time of adding a user but can also be added or corrected from the User Details form (Uses > User Details (Add/Edit Staff). This form can only be opened by a Level 1 Administrator.

2. The new subscription model for EasyDose has been released. When the License is renewed and the program updated (instructions via Email) the product license will change from EasyDose Legacy to EasyDose Open or EasyDose 10 depending on the license purchased. Customers are urged to select PayPal with recurring payments as their method of payment as it will negate the necessity to renew their license manually. PayPal will automatically deduct your license fee and keep your subscription current. Direct debit will also be accepted but cannot be set for automatic renewal of subscription.

3. Ability to link a scanned Prescriptions saved in PDF format to the Prescription form in EasyDose.

4. Some modifications to Reports and Labels to meet Victorian Health Department requirements.

5. Minor changes and improvements to:

The patients address form. (Limit the amount of text)
Changes to the Doctors form
Stop the balance warning after a patient is dosed and the balance reverts to $0 or less.

Published: 15th December 2014

For Easy Dose to be approved for use in Western Australia pharmacies by the WA Health Department, EasyDose V2 underwent some critical changes. These changes will come into effect in the next release due out in the next week

Two major changes that will affect user are:
1. For security reasons, the user password must be changed every 3 months and the same password cannot be used within a 2 year period.
(Note that when the update is installed, ALL users will be required to change their password)
2. The pre-populating of fields when adding a new Prescription for an existing patient has been removed.

Other changes include:
a) The ability for a Level 1 Administrator to edit the barcode for a particular drug
b) Mandatory entry of an AHPRA number when adding a new pharmacist to the system
c) Ability to send a copy of your dataset to EasyDose Pty Ltd for Technical Support purposes. Implemented in the backUp Database form.
d) Modification to the system to be used within all states of Australia.

Published: 4th July 2014

EasyDose now in use in Victoria

EasyDose is now in use in Victoria. A pharmacy in Prahran is the first, hopefully of many, pharmacy to install EasyDose. We look forward to them promoting our product…

Published: 1st July 2014

35 Pharmacies in WA Using EasyDose V2

EasyDose version 2 has now been installed into 35 pharmacies with 45 licenses being issued. The final version of EasyDose V1 was replaced at the beginning of May 2014.

Published: 1st June 2014