Installation Instructions

EasyDose – Where to start?

Community Pharmacy Opioid Dispensing Program

An approved pharmacy wishing to purchase and use the EasyDose Opioid Dispensing Program should familiarise themselves with the content of this website. Particular attention should be paid to the installation instructions and the system requirements, especially the monitor requirements.

There are three versions available:

  • Up to 5 patients (cost is $300 with a $200 per annum renewal)
  • Up to 10 patients (cost is $600 with a $350 per annum renewal)
  • Unlimited patients (cost is $900 with a $500 per annual renewal)

Having decided on which version is required, navigate to Shop and select your product and add it to your cart.  The cart can be viewed.

From the cart, checkout, complete your credentials, under My Account, which will create your account.  Purchase the software using PayPal or Electronic Funds Transfer.  You will receive an email with an invoice/receipt followed by an email with your instructions on how and where to install your program from.  This email will also contain your License Key.