Connecting to MS-SQL Server

FlowChartEasyDose does not require a Microsoft SQL server (MSSql) to run but it does require one to do anything useful!

With EasyDose running, if no MSSql is present, the user will be prompted to either:

  1. Specify an existing MSSql server
  2. Install a Local MSSql server
    • The automated installation by EasyDose installs the free MS SQL Server Express Edition 2008 (compatible Windows XP). EasyDose is compatible with SQL 2012. Ask our support staff for details.

Once specified (you will need to specify the catalogue to use for EasyDose and if that catalogue does not exist you can create it), then you can:

  1. Install a default “empty” DataSet into the catalogue
  2. Restore a DataSet into the catalog from a backup