Add Patient to Reader

PART 3 Adding a Patient to the Finger Print Reader

  • Go to a patient detail, Patient Maintenance Form.
  • Click on the Fingerprint Button which will be enabled only if a fingerprint reader is attached and has been setup.
  • The FingerPrint Reader form will open in a ‘ready’ state.  The Verify button will be disabled.
  • To register the required Finger/Fingers, individually select and repeat for each finger on one hand.
  • It is suggested that the RIGHT HAND be used for all Staff and Patients.
  • Select the depicted finger to be scanned by placing a Tick in the relative box on the form and scan that finger 4 times.
  • Place and lift the finger each time.
  • Verify the four scans by placing that finger on the reader.
  • Verify and Save the successful scan.
  • When the necessary fingers have been scanned, Close the Form.
  • Note that the text on the Finger Print button will be green and a finger print will appear on the top right of the patient Form (adjacent Active Option).
  • Clicking on the Fingerprint will open a form showing the hand/fingers scanned.


  1. The process to record a fingerprint is the same as the Reader Installation procedure.
  2. The reader replaces the need for a patients Signature where required but if no signature is a requirement, it can be used to speed up the dosing process while ensuring 100% level of security and identity.

Click here to Add a Pharmacist to the Reader