Setup Instructions

When installing a new, first time used version of EasyDose , the following setup instructions apply. You must be connected to the internet to continue.

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1.  Start EasyDose V2 from the desktop shortcut or from the start menu


2.  The program will start with the splash screen.


3.  As the program will be attempting to connect to a database for the first time, the following screen will be displayed.  Click ‘Yes‘ to continue.


4.  Even though EasyDose is installed, there is no database installed for EasyDose to attach to.  The database MUST be installed before you can continue.  To install the database, click ‘Install SQL Express.


5.  The program will commence to download SQL Express.  A progress bar for the download will be displayed.


6.  When the download is complete, confirmation will be displayed.  Click ‘OK‘ to continue.


7.  SQL Express will commence installation.


8.  A series of forms and windows will automatically open and close.  It is important not to interfere with or interrupt this installation process.


9.  When SQL Express is completely installed, the following confirmation dialogue box will be displayed.  Click ‘OK‘ to continue.


10.  The following Windows Firewall information will be displayed.  This is relevant particularly when installing additional workstations.  After installation, this form can again be accessed from the maintenance menu in the EasyDose program.  Click ‘OK‘ to continue.


11.  The EasyDose program will restart with the following screen re-appearing.  Select the Server drop down and wait for 30 seconds (approx) and choose the EasyDose option from the list.


12.  The Catalogue text will go blank and the server name will appear in the Server field.  You MUST retype the catalogue name which MUST be, “EasyDose_V2“.  Click ‘Test and Save‘.  (DO NOT INSTALL SQL EXPRESS).


13.  If the Test and Save is successful you will receive the following confirmation screen.  Click ‘OK‘ to continue.


14.  At this stage, EasyDose has connected to the server but could not find the catalogue name so you will be prompted to create the new catalogue.  Click ‘Yes‘ to continue.


15.  Confirmation of the catalogue’s creation will be displayed.  Click ‘OK‘ to continue.


16.  Confirmation of the connection to the EasyDose server and the creation of the catalogue will be shown.  Click ‘OK‘ to continue.  EasyDose will RESTART.


For further information on connecting to SQL Server, click this link, Connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server

17.  At this point you will be prompted to Restore EasyDose V1 database or Install a Default Dataset.  As this is a new installation, click on ‘Install the Default Dataset’.  (Do not click ‘Restore Database’).


18.  Confirmation of the dataset’s creation will be seen with the following dialog box being displayed.  Clear the dialog box by clicking ‘OK‘ and EasyDose will restart.


19.  The LogOn screen will appear.  Choose Admin User from the drop down list.  NOTE:  The password is “password“.  Click ‘OK‘ to logon for the first time.
This Admin User account is only ever used for the first time logon and setup.  The new password created is to be known to and retained by the Administrator who setup the system.


20.  Admin user and ALL new users when added will have their default password set to “password.”  The user will always be prompted to change this password.
NOTE:  A password must be no less than 6 characters long.  Can be a combination of alpha and numeric and is case sensitive.  Click ‘OK‘ to change password.


21.  The current password must be changed to conform with the password convention.  Once the password details have been entered, click on ‘Change Password.


22.  Confirmation of the change will be shown.  Click ‘OK‘ to continue.


23.  Before EasyDose becomes functional, basic details must be entered into the system via the Initial Program Setup (wizard).  Each box must have a tick indicating the prerequisites have been completed or the system will stop at this screen.  At this point, the person performing the setup shall enter themselves and other staff members in the Staff Details Form.
Please read Step 1 the Pre-Installation Checklist for the information required during the wizard setup.


  • Enter ALL doctors at this stage in the setup procedure.  (Note:  Doctors can be added from within the system but can also be added on the fly from the Prescription Form)
  • Be sure to download and install the ZDesigner Printer Driver using the information contained in the Setting up your labels for your printer


24.  Once all the necessary data has been entered, the program will exit.  Click ‘Quit‘ if not automatically prompted to do so and ‘OK‘ on the following dialog box.


25.  Restart EasyDose from the desktop icon and the LogOn Form will be displayed.  The person performing the setup shall then select themselves from the drop down list and logon using the password of “password.”  Click ‘OK‘ to continue.


26.  The new user (person performing setup) will be prompted to change their password as before for admin user.


27.  Enter the current and new password and click on ‘Change Password.


28.  Confirmation of the change will be shown.  Click ‘OK‘ to continue.


29.  The Logon screen will reappear for the user to logon with their new password.


30.  Logging into the system again will display the Stock On Hand Form.  Click ‘Close’ to continue.


31.  The Daily Dosing Form will open with no patients.  Click ‘Close‘ to continue.


32.  The quick access menu will be displayed.


33.  Patient details, their prescriptions and payments must now be entered.  Select the appropriate form from the quick access menu.
Please read Step 2 the Pre-Installation Checklist.


34.  Add all the current patients into the Patient Details Form.  They will be marked as Active Patients by default. Photographs are optional. Simply take the photo, name it appropriately and place it in a folder in your computer. Then click on the photo space in the patient’s profile and select the correct photo from the folder.


35.  Add all the current prescriptions for the patients. Script images are optional. Simply take the photo, name it appropriately and place it in a folder in your computer. Then click on the Rx space in the patient’s prescription page and select the correct photo from the folder.


36.  Add all the current payment balances for each current patient.


37.  Set your System Options from the maintenance menu.


 CRITICAL:  The details in this form must be ACCURATE.

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