To install EasyDose, a product key supplied upon completing the purchase of EasyDose will be received via email detailing how to download and install EasyDose. These instructions form part of that process.

EasyDose has some prerequisites.  The install process will perform these with some automation.

Note:  EasyDose should be installed by technically capable IT personnel.

Print these Installing EasyDose Instructions.

Step 1 – Review System Requirements

Review the System Requirements before attempting to install EasyDose.

Step 2 – Download/Run the Installation Program

The email received after the purchase of EasyDose will contain a link to the installation page on the EasyDose website.

This email will contain your Licence Key.

Running the link will take you to stage 1 of the installation process.

Step 3 – Prerequisite Checker

InstallWarningAs with all internet sourced software, there is a security warning and you will need to resolve this. Please note, this software is electronically signed by our developer Brayworth Pty Ltd which is authentic.  Selecting to run this application will start the install process.

If you are installing EasyDose on a Windows XP computer, you may need to install the following features.  Note, this will increase the installation time by several minutes.

  • Windows Installer 4.5
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (x86 and x64)

The Pre-Requisite Checker will ensure the above required Microsoft.NET framework and Installer are installed and two related runtime packages are installed. If they are already installed, the Run EasyDose Installer button will enable and a second web page will be presented.


Step 4 – Install EasyDose

The security warning will reappear, as this is a second internet sourced program.

Note, that depending on the Windows operating system, security warning may present themselves. Windows 8 has a warning which may at first view, prevent the installation.  Click on ‘More Info’ and then click Run Anyway…


  • EasyDose will install and run

Congratulations – you have installed EasyDose !

Step 5 – Setting Up EasyDose

Now proceed to the after installation setup process:

View/Download Pre-Installation Checklist for new installations

New Installation of EasyDose – Setup Instructions