Pre-Installation Checklist

The following information will be required at your fingertips when first installing EasyDose.  For ease of set-up, please have the following information on hand.

Note:  The system cannot be used until the following information is supplied and entered.

Print this Pre-Installation Checklist (without images)

Step 1.

Business Details:

  • Proprietors Name(s).
  • Full Pharmacy Name, Building Name, full Address including Postcode.
  • Phone, Fax and Email for the pharmacy.
  • PBS Approval Number.
  • A.B.N.
  • State (Select to preset system defaults)


Staff Detail:

Enter ALL staff at this stage in the setup procedure.

  • Staff name
  • User access level
    – Level 1 Administrator
    – Level 2 Pharmacist
    – Level 3 Intern
  • AHPRA (Mandatory)
  • LogOn Name

Note:  At least one pharmacist must be nominated as the authorised person.


Label Printer:

  • Label Printer Name and Type


Supplier Details:

Enter ALL suppliers at this stage in the setup procedure.

  • Full Name of the Supplier of your CPOP drugs
  • Address, Phone, Fax and Email


Doctor Details:

Enter ALL doctors at this stage in the setup procedure.  (Note:  Doctors can be added from within the system but can also be added on the fly from the Prescription Form)

  • Full Name of doctor
  • Address, Phone, Fax and Email


Current Stock On Hand:



Step 2  

These steps must be completed upon the completion of Step 1 which will include the re-start of EasyDose.  The newly added Level 1 Pharmacist/Administrator will need to be logged on to perform the following steps.

The following forms can be opened from the main menu or the quick access menu.

Patient Details:

  • Details of ALL patients currently attending Pharmacy for CPOP
  • DOB & Gender
  • Full Address
  • Phone for Work & Home and Mobile
  • Email
  • Photograph and description of Identifiable Marks
  • Applicable comments to assist pharmacist with dosing a patient


Prescription Details:

  • Current prescription
  • Health Department Number


Payment Balances:

  • Current balance of payments