Labels & Setup

The Label Setup Form is found under the maintenance menu.

EasyDose supports the 4 most common label types used by the Zebra label printer.

See this page for more information on the ZDesigner Software & Setup

Select your label from the grid (options 1 to 4) by placing a tick in the box.

If the Dose In Store labels are to be printed, place a tick in the Print In Store Label option.
If the labels are to be previewed before printing, place a tick in the Preview Label Before Printing option.

To customize the label printer setup, select your label first (highlighted as shown) and then select the ‘Setup‘ button (it could be the name of the printer if it is already selected. In this example ZPDesigner LP 2844) from the Label Form, bottom right. Note that once selected, the button’s text will be the name of the printer.  Select the properties of the printer and ensure the settings match the sample shown on the left of the screen.  Note the size settings at the footer of the sample page.

Label Types

LabelType1 LabelType2 LabelType3 LabelType4

Label Type 5

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