Add Patient Signature

Adding a patient signature to their details must occur before the system will prompt for their signature when dosing.  Even though the Signature Pad is present and is enabled in System Options, the system wilt prompt for a signature if a sample signature is not recorded against the individual patient.

Procedure to Add Patient Signature

  • Ensure the scanner is plugged in and System Options have not been disabled.  (System Options are enabled by default)
  • Open the Patient Details form at the relevant patient


  • Note the ‘Greyed’ signature field on the bottom right of the form.
  • Click in the real area and a blank EasyDose – Signature recorder form will open.


  • Request the patient to sign on the signature pad.
  • If the signature is to be rejected, Clear and repeat until the desired signature has been obtained.


  • Once obtained, click Save File and that signature will be recorded against that patient as their original for comparison against.


  • The patient is now setup to Sign for their doses

Note:  Only one signature will be required if they are dosed for additional takeaways