Signature Pad Installation

Installation is simple.

You must be a level 1 Administrator to install the Signature Pad.

  • Turn on the Signature Pad by ensuring the tick box is unchecked in the System Options. Maintenance > System Options > Disable Signature Pad.
  • Plug in the USB lead of the Signature pad into a USB port on the computer
  • Open EasyDose and open the Topaz Signature Pad form. ¬†Maintenance > Topaz Signature Scanner

EasyDose РSignature Recorder Form


  • Make a signature on the pad and view the signature in the form
  • The signature can be discarded or saved

EasyDose РSignature Recorder Form


  • Close the form
  • The Signature Pad is now functional

Note that this signature can be saved and imported into a patient record.