Z-Designer Printer & Software

All EasyDose labels are designed for use with the popular Zebra series label printer, in particular we use the Designer software which installs by default on Windows 7.

Special Note

EasyDose does not advocate that you change settings on the printer from within Device Manager, EasyDose stores settings for label printing within the programme. Implementing¬†settings in the ‘Global Namespace’ of Devices and Printers will impact all users of the printer and it is not necessary to do this in the context of EasyDose.

ZDesigner LP 2844

If you are using the ZDesigner LP 2844 under Windows 7 (and probably Windows 8) and you have no other Zebra Driver or Z-Designer software installed, you simply power on the ZDesigner LP 2844, connect it to the computer using the USB cable and allow the Windows Plug and Play system to install the printer.

If you labels DO NOT print correctly, please ensure you ONLY USE the ZDesigner LP2844 printer driver.

If you need to install it yourself:

  • Get your ZDesigner LP 2844 printer driver from the Zebra website by clicking this link.
  • or from our local copy on this link

PrinterPropertiesPathVerify your printer driver

  • Once the Zebra printer driver is installed, it will appear under Devices and Printers
  • Right click printer and Select¬†Printer Properties (Note: not the last option Properties but around the middle of the menu – Printer Properties)
  • Choose the last tab, note the version and build (current as at 7/4/2014)