Health Department Inspector

Health Department Inspector (Logging In)

These instructions are provided to assist a Health Department Inspector log into EasyDose for the purpose of performing an Audit.

EasyDose has a generic login for any Inspector who is using the system, within an individual pharmacy, for the first time. Once this procedure is followed, the inspector will have a unique login at the particular store.

First Time Login:

  • Start EasyDose from the desktop icon.
  • If EasyDose is already open, have the current user exit the system then start from the desktop icon.
  • Select ‘HDI Inspector Health Department’ from the drop down list on the Login dialog box.
  • Enter the Password supplied to each State Health Department.  (If unknown, ring or email Support at EasyDose).
  • Click OK and you will be prompted to Add your own Account using the ‘Add User Wizard’.
  • The First Name and Surname must be entered then click next.
  • Your ‘Member Of’ and ‘Logon Name’ will self populate.  Click next.
  • You will be advised that you password has been set.  Read the on-screen instructions to determine your default password.
  • Click Save and clear the subsequent confirmation message.
  • EasyDose will close down and re-start.
  • Select your own User Name and enter the password supplied.
  • You will be prompted to change your password.  (minimum 6 characters)
  • Change your password as instructed on screen.
  • Click Change password and the same two initial user forms will open.

NOTE:  I Health Department Inspector can also add himself to the system for Bio-Metric Scanning (Fingerprint Reader).

As a Health Department Inspector, to can access all areas of the system but you cannot dose a patient.

You are the only one who has access to Add or Edit you own HDI audit entries.  You can view HDI entries created by other users.

See Authorised Officer Entries for instruction on the HDI Audit Report functions.