EasyDose is a program designed for tracking the dispensing of prescribed drugs to patients under the various Australian states opioid pharmacotherapy programmes. This involves the daily dispensing the drugs Methadone or Buprenorphine to opioid dependant clients.

It was initially designed to conform to the Western Australian Governments Community Program for Opioid Pharmacotherapy (CPOP) programme but has now been designed for all Australian pharmacies authorised to dose patients under each state Government’s equivalent programme.

This program was designed by Pharmacists who had utilised other manual and electronic methods.  They have combined the best of both worlds and designed and produced a program that speaks for itself, Easy to Dose a patient.

The Basics

An authorised patient attends a designated doctor and is issued a prescription nominating an approved pharmacy. The patient attends the pharmacy where the prescription is entered into the EasyDose program along with the patient, payment and doctor details.

The key here is speed and accuracy. The entering of daily doses takes just a few moments and also ensures the accurate monitoring of all stock movements (in and out), payment records, supplier details, doctor details, pharmacist details and more. The patient’s dosing schedule, current dose and most recent script image are on the screen at your fingertips.

EasyDose controls dosing frequency whilst monitoring missed doses, allows for emailed monthly reporting to the Health Department along with the ability to instantly email Incident Reports.

Prescription labels for takeaway doses are printed using the popular Zebra® label printers or alike.

Signature pads can now be used with EasyDose where a patient is required to sign fir their dose.  This has totally negated the need for paper-based documents of such nature.

Further, and now a proud enhancement, EasyDose connects directly to Bio-Metric Readers (Fingerprint Scanners) to identify both the Pharmacist and Patient.  This provides an added level of security for both the Pharmacist and the Patient.  Again, where a patient is required to sign for their dose, the fingerprint reader makes that fast, accurate and cost effective.


The cost of an EasyDose product is very cheap when compared to the income generated and the savings in staff wages are considered.  Click here to view the costing breakdown on the CPOP calculations table.