System Requirements

Operating System

  • ONLY –  Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • PREFERABLY – Windows 8 or Wndows 10
  • (Note:  Windows 7 installation may become unstable as it is no longer supported.  We accept no responsibility for any installation issues or erros if EasyDose is installed on any computer, particularly Windows 7)


  • Computer
    • Modern processor with minimum 4Gb memory
    • Recommended – Intel I5 & above
  • Wide screen monitor (Capable of 1680 x 1020 resolution)
  • Label printer & report printer


  1. Installation should only be attempted by technically capable IT personnel. There are concepts such as Firewall configuration, software installing.
  2. Where larger databases are required where there are over 600 patient records, the minimum processor MUST be an I5 processor.  The dual core, core II duo processors etc will NOT HAVE sufficient processing power to handle the volume of data in the SQL database.
  3. Additionally, with larger databases, a standard hard drive will be to slow to handle the volume of data so it is STRONGLY recommended that a SSD hard drive be utilised.

Recommended Optional Hardware


  • EasyDose Program
    EasyDose uses the Microsoft .NET framework and will check to verify your system is running .NET 4
  • SQL Express 2008
    SQL Express may be shared between workstations, Full MS SQL Server is also supported, SQL 2012 is acceptable also. SQL Express 2008 is the highest version supported by Windows XP


  1. Where larger databases are required where there are over 600 patient records, users should consider purchasing the Full Version of SQL.  Currently SQL Express 2008 R2 is used as it is provided free from Microsoft.  SQL Express has limitations and cannot fully support or satisfactorily handle large databases.


  • Label drivers (Z Designer LP 2844 mostly used in pharmacies AND is the Main Printer Driver used by EasyDose)

Support & Upgrades

  • High speed internet connection e.g. ADSL 2+


Please note:

  • Windows Vista is not recommended
  • Windows XP IS ALSO NOT RECOMMENDED as it is now unsupported by Microsoft.  Modern advancements in software have made EasyDose unstable in the Windows XP environment.

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