Add/Edit Authorised Officer

ADDING AUTHORISED OFFICER (Health Department Inspector)

An authorised officer who uses the individual pharmacies EasyDose system must add themselves as a User.  Existing HDWA Inspectors MUST log on with their previously selected User Name and Password.

First time users must adhere to the following procedure to successfully add themselves:

  • Start or unlock EasyDose as necessary

UserMenuL1  ChangUser2

  • Select Inspector HDWA from the drop down list and logon using the designated password for Inspector HDWA.  Known only to the local Health Department or EasyDose Pty Ltd.


  • Clicking OK will automatically trigger the Add Inspector wizard which must be completed in its entirety.


  • Enter full name and click next.  The LogOn Name is pre-populated but can be changed.  Note:  once created, the LogOn name cannot be changed.


  • Click Next and the following form will show confirming the creation of the user account and the setting of the default password.


  • The system will exit requiring the Inspector to logon using the credentials above.
  • They will be prompted to change their password.
  • The newly added Inspector is set automatically to Active.    

NOTE:  A Level 1 Administrator can also add an authorised officer from the Maintain Staff Details Form.


Click here to show how to Register the New Authorised Officer Fingerprints