Daily Dosing

Daily Dosing is an automatic prompting feature of EasyDose.

Immediately after log on, the Daily Dosing screen is presented showing patients who are due to dose today but have not yet dosed.

It can also be opened from the quick access menu.




This form has some key features which are explained below:

  • Provides a List View of the Patients, Drug, Dose and Comments
  • If a photograph is attached to a patient (in Patient Details Form), the photo will appear against each patient as you scroll through the list
  • Dose Patient: You can dose the selected patient by clicking Dose Patient or double click on the patient
  • Print: The Daily Dosing report can be printed (suggest this be done the start of the day)
  • Missed Doses: A list of patients who missed their dose on the specific day can be printed in report form.  This is done at the close of the day’s business.
  • ?: Direct link to this page on the website
  • View dosing cycle for selected prescription: Ability to view their fortnightly dosing cycle
  • Print the Signature Sheet for all the patients to be recorded on the day.  (State Specific)
  • Hovering the mouse over the comment will show all the text if not all visible
  • The date is changeable so previewing patients/dosing for future dates is possible
  • Patients can only be dosed from the current date



See:  Daily Dosing Report