Dose Reversal

The following procedure describes how a dose is reversed.  This is performed from a selected patient in the Dose Patient form under Dosing History


REVERSING A DOSE (Show hide reversed doses)

  • It is a Health Department requirement that no dose can be deleted so we use a system of reversing the dose if required.
  • If a dose is to be reversed, select and double click on the appropriate dosing record within the dosing history grid (above)
  • A confirmation message will appear.  No will cancel the reversal.
  • Click Yes and a completion message will appear.
  • Clearing these messages will remove the reversed dose.
  • Reversed doses can be viewed by placing a tick in the “Show Cancelled or Reversed Dose” option.  Note the line colour
  • Only one (1) dose is reversed at a time.

Reversing1      Reversing2


In the example above, the dose for the 13th March was reversed.

Note:  A cancelled or reversed dose is never deleted.  A corresponding negative (-ve) is listed against the reversed item(s) which rebalances the stock on hand.