Extended Takeaways (All States)

UP TO 30 TAKEAWAYS (All States)

Up to 30 Takeaways can be provided for authorised patients.  When such functionality is TURNED ON in System Options, depending on the Payment Type (Daily or Plan & Expiry Date) and the Prescription expiry date, the Takeaway from will populate with up to 30 Takeaways.

Note:  To gain access to this form three things should/must occur.

  • Enable Extended 30 takeaway option must be enabled in System Options
    • (Enable Dosing 30 layout)


  • Each individual patient must authorised to receive more than the usual limit.  Enabled through the Patient Details Form.
    • (Place a tick in Enable Extended Takeaways and select the period from drop down)


  • Enter the Prescription with the allowable number of Takeaways, up to 30 maximum.

Once all these options are enabled, the following form will be visible only for the appropriate patients.