Intern Verification

Interns are permitted to dose patients from EasyDose but on all occasions their entry must be verified.

Any unverified dosing performed by an intern pharmacist ends up in this form ready to be checked and verified by a level 1 or level 2 pharmacist.  An intern cannot verify another intern’s entry.

This form is a security measure and should be performed at least once per day where an intern dispenses from EasyDose.

The form can only be accessed from the Main Menu > Intern Verification.


Selecting Intern Verification opens the Pharmacists Verification Form.  The pharmacist must select their name from the drop down list and enter their password to continue to the certification screen.


Successful completion of logon credentials will open the list of unverified dosing performed by interns in date ascending order.

The pharmacist shall tick each entry  in the tick box provided of each entry to be verified.


Once selected, click ‘Process Verification‘ and the following confirmation box will appear advising the number of entries selected and to be verified.


Clicking ‘Yes‘ will clear the entries from the list as shown below.


Confirmation of the verification will be received.



  • Verified entries no longer appear in this form.
  • The verified entries can be viewed in the Stock Movement Form.
  • The intern’s name under the pharmacist field will contain the intern’s name and the name of the pharmacist who performed the verification.