Maintain Drug Types

Maintain Drug Types is found under the Maintenance Menu > Drug Type


The form is separated into two parts, a Summary List on the right and the fields on the left for each record selected.

All fields require an entry.

Fields should be typed in Proper Case. (Do not use CAPITALS).

It must be noted that only three fields are editable in this form to end user, that is:

  1. Re-Order Level
  2. Bar Code
  3. Active Option

If you make a drug type Inactive, it will be hidden from any Drop Down Lists, stock Takes etc.

A Tick in the Active Box will make it visible.


Only programmers can add an entry either manually within the form or through an update.

The Re-Order Level is used in the Stock On Hand Form and triggers when the stock levels reach or are lower than the Re-Order Level.


If a particular drug is not used in a pharmacy, the drug can be removed from view in many forms and reports by making it inactive.  Only a Level 1 Administrator has the ability to set Re-Order Levels and to change the status of a drug.

  • Click edit.
  • Untick the check box.
  • Save the change.

The drug will not appear in many situations.