Missed Doses

Now that EasyDose is approved Australia wide, with each state having their own unique requirements, EasyDose caters for Missed Doses and issues warnings in accordance with each states guidelines.

If a patient has missed a dose or doses, warnings are given in accordance with timeframes stipulated for each states.  With the exception of WA, all states will receive a warning about missed doses after the minimum threshold has been reached.  The table below indicates when a warning is triggered.

The advise will indicate that the patient has NOT DOSED for “X” days and the Pharmacist should follow policy and procedure to ensure the matter is resolved correctly.  WA provides a more specific message for patients who have missed 3 days dosing.


This patient has missed “X” dose(s).

Before you proceed to dose this patient, ensure you are aware of your state requirements contained in any guidelines, policies or procedures in relation to patients who have missed one or more doses.

Your state guidelines can be located at this link: (State Guidelines)

Do you wish to dose this patient?

Yes / No

For ALL states, dosing is not possible if a patient has missed 5 or more days/doses and the patient must be referred back to the Prescriber.

Warnings are issued in accordance with the table below:

 STATE Warning At (Days)
 ACT  1
 NSW  3
 NT  2
 QLD  2
 SA  2
 TAS  1
 QLD  1
 WA  3