The payments received and the cost of dosing can be recorded in EasyDose.  In recognition that some pharmacies wish to record payments outside of EasyDose, the use of the EasyDose payment system can be turned off in the System Options.

The Payment Form, which lists the full history and allows the addition of payments, can be accessed from the Main Menu > Patients > Add/View Payment or from the Payments button of the Quick Access menu.

PatientsMenu  PaymentsIcon

The payments system can be considered to be complex, which has necessitated in listing instructions on this page in the following format:

  • Form Design and Fields
  • Definitions and Rules
  • Functionality of the Payment Form.


Add/View Payments Form (Default View) has the following fields:

  • Patient Name (Drop down)
  • Dose Cost Off Plan
  • Paid Off Plan
  • Non Plan Balance
  • Doses on a Plan
  • Payments on a Plan
  • Payment Plan type
  • Payment Type
  • Payment Date
  • Amount Paid
  • New Balance
  • Payment Notes
  • Full payment history grid (date descending order)
    • Date Paid
    • Amount
    • Discount applied
    • Doses purchased for plan period
    • Doses administered during plan period
    • Plan type
    • Plan expiry
    • Notes

Notes can be entered against each payment which will be recorded in the Payment History grid.


This form cannot be accessed, nor can payments be processed, if the payment system is turned off in System Options.

Note:  The Payment type has three options but defaults to ‘Cash Payments’

  • Cash Payment
  • EftPos payment
  • Other (Dosing paid by third party)

Add/View Payments Form (Discount Option):

When the option, ‘Daily with Discount’ is chosen from the Payment Plan drop down, three extra fields appear on the form:

  • Doses On a Plan
  • Amount Due
  • Discount to be applied


Add/View Payments Form (Weekly/Monthly Plan):

When the option, ‘Weekly’ or ‘Monthly’ is chosen from the Payment Plan drop down, three extra fields appear on the form:

  • Payment Plan Effective Dates fields (From date and To Date)
  • Doses On a Plan
  • Amount Due
  • Discount to be applied


Add/View Payments Form (Custom Plan – 1 to 6 day plans):

When the option, ‘Custom’ is chosen from the Payment Plan drop down, one extra field appear on the form which allows a plan to be extended from 1 to 6 days:

  • Drop Down List (Value 1 to 6)

When the number of days for which a plan is to be extended is chosen, the system will calculate the amount to be paid and the date the extended plan expires.

Payer Option Turned on in System Options

If the Payer and Payer Report options are turned on in System Options, the ‘Payer’ field, indicated below, appears and is enabled.

The Payer details entered into the ‘Payer’ form through, accessed from the Maintenance Menu, will be available in the Payer drop down box on the payment form.  Reports can be printed for each Payer.


Add/View Payments Form (Weekly/Monthly Plan with Payer Options enabled):


Payment Plan Restriction

Payment Plan are not possible (field disabled) if the patient is in Negative Balance in Non-Plan payments.




  • DAILY DOSING is not a payment plan and is payment, either in FULL or NOT, for any period of time.
  • PAYMENT PLAN (Weekly/Monthly) is a payment method whereby FULL payment is received for dosing 7 to 28 days in advance AND any MISSED DOSES are NOT credited back to the patient.  Any Missed Doses are forfeited within the duration of that plan.


  • A plan is to be used only when missed doss are to be forfeited
  • A plan can only be used if payment is received in full
  • If payment is not received in full, they cannot be on a plan
  • If not on a plan, missed doses, paid in advance can be forfeited but they must be manually tracked and recorded
  • Never record any missed doses in the Dosing Form
  • Patients cannot be placed on a plan if the ‘Non-Plan’ balance is negative.  The Plan drop down option will be disabled.
  • The system records separately any monetary values for ‘Payments of a Plan’ and ‘Payments Not on a Plan’
  • The patient can have money in credit for Daily Dosing and be on a separate plan.  The system does not deduct any money from the non-plan balance when dosing on a current plan
  • If a plan is not renewed and there is money in credit for Daily Dosing, the system will revert to and allow dosing under the Daily Dosing regime.
  • The system does not dose across payments from a Plan to a Non Plan.  In other words, you cannot, WHILE A PLAN IS CURRENT, partially dose from a plan to a non-plan payment.  If a patient is to be dosed beyond the expiration of a plan, the “Custom” plan is to be utilised where a plan can be extended from 1 to 6 days.



The new payment system allows for two types of payments:

  • Payments/Dosing NOT ON A PLAN (Daily Dosing with or without discount)
  • Payments/Dosing ON A PLAN (Payment Plan with or without discount)


  • If the patient is making daily Payments, therefore not on a plan, EasyDose functions the same as the previous payment version except for the added choice of applying a discount.
  • This new system of daily payment works whether the Payment Plan is enabled in System Options or not.
  • Missed doses are not automatically debited from the patients account. They remain in credit and will only be deducted from any balance outstanding only when dosed.
  • When making entries for Daily Dosing, the number of doses being purchased must be entered which will then calculate the cost from either the default amount or the patient’s overriding amount.
  • When dosing, the system will sequentially look at 3 areas to apply the correct cost in the dosing records (Discount Amount, Default Cost and Patient Cost):
    • If a discount is applied the system will record the daily discounted rate. This is the first area to be interrogated by the system and is determined from the patient’s overriding set amount or the systems default amount.
    • If no discount applies, the system will interrogate the patients’ overriding set amount and if blank will record the system default amount.


  • Payments/Dosing ON A PLAN is new.
  • For the Plan system to become visible and functional, it must be enabled in System Options.
  • Plans can also accept discounted payments.
  • Missed doses are not recorded anywhere in the system.
  • The system simply looks at the duration of the plan and allows dosing to occur during that period, regardless of missed doses and regardless of the amount paid.
  • When the plan expires, and the patient is to remain on a plan, payment is required again before dosing is permitted.
  • If a plan is for two or three weeks duration A NEW WEEKLY PLAN must be entered for each week. The system will automatically calculate the start and finish date of any subsequent plans.  Therefore, paying for two weeks, enter two weekly plans.
  • Additional plans can be added before or after the expiration of any plan but the system will default to the correct subsequent date and not the date of entry.
  • The dates (to and from) for a plan can be manually changed but will calculate according to the plan selected (Weekly or Monthly)


  • Corrections to the amount paid can only be maid by way of a new entry
  • Correction can only be entered for values incorrectly entered (Not missed doses)
    EG patient paid $35 but $45 is accidently recorded, a -$10 value can be recorded against that patient. The correction must be recorded against the same Plan Type, therefore Plan against Plan, date against date etc.

NOTE:  Some overriding settings in System Options and Patient Details will determine certain functionality as described above.  Such settings include:


  • Allow to Dose if not financial
  • Use Internal Payment System
  • Use Payment Plan System
  • Activate payer and Payment Receipts
  • Print Payment receipt (Prints to a Label printer)
  • Default InStore Cost
  • Default Takeaway Cost



  • Patient InStore Cost
  • Patient Takeaway Cost