Queensland Prescription

Queensland are unique in that they have a Written Instruction which replaces a Prescription.  The written instruction is completed by the doctor.  The doctor completes the left side of the form and is submitted to the pharmacy by the patient.

The pharmacist enters the details under Prescription within EasyDose transferring all details from the left side of the written form.

At the completion of the months dosing, individual electronic report are generated by the system for each patient and are printed for faxing/mailing to Queensland Health.

NOTE:  The original handwritten form does not need to be completed by the pharmacist and is no longer required to be submitted to Queensland Health as the Electronic Report produced and completed by the pharmacist is sufficient.


The blank Instruction Form has additional fields to match the handwritten instruction form.  (See below)


The populated instruction form caters for one calendar month at a time per patient.


The Reconciliation button will produce the Queensland Health Department Written Instruction report.  Click here for details on the report.

Accessing the report from the Prescription form will produce a single report for the selected patient.