Scanning Incoming Stock

A quick method of adding stock has been introduced to EasyDose.

If the EasyDose computer has a barcode scanner attached, incoming stock can quickly be added.

Pressing F5 from anywhere in the program will open the Scan A Barcode form.  Clicking the Scan Icon on the Quick Access Menu will also open the form.


Scan in the incoming stock which will populate the field with the barcode number and automate the clicking of the Continue Key


The Stock Movement entry form will open with the Incoming Stock Populated to match the barcode.

Complete the form by:

  • Select Supplier
  • Enter Invoice number
  • Click Save.

To add further stock, select F5 and repeat process.


The incoming stock can be viewed in the Stock Movement Form


NOTE:   Biodone Forte does not have a barcode on the bottle so a quick to type number has been added to the system to simulate scanning a code.

The following codes can be typed into the Scan A Barcode form followed by clicking Continue.

  • 200 (Will add 200 ml to the Stock Movement Entry form)
  • 1000 (Will add 1000 ml to the Stock Movement Entry form)