Daily Opioid Dispensing and Reporting made easy

  • Approved in all Australian States
  • Secure and Affordable
  • EasyDose, the quick and simple way to dose patients
  • Dosing, Reporting and Statistical Analysis made EASY
  • Designed by Pharmacists for Pharmacists

Cheapest and most versatile dispensing software which is available for use and approved throughout Australia ^

Now available with the power of a Signature Pad and Bio-Metric (FingerPrint) Reader

EasyDose starts at $300 (5 clients) per annum
Other versions available for $400 (10 Clients) and $600 (Open Client) per annum

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^ Health Department approved for use in New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania
^ Compliant within Victoria, Northern Territory and ACT (Approval not required)

Signup fee applies to the initial purchase of EasyDose