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To purchase EasyDose:

  • download EasyDose from this link and use it for 90 days
  • Install from the instructions contained within this website
  • No License keys rquired
  • After 90 days you be required to select from the option below, an invoice will be sent to you to pay for the appropriate license.

Click here to download, install and use EasyDose

License models and costs

License Initial Cost* Term Renewable Annual
Fee *
Up to 90 days free trial $0 90 days No $0
Up to 5 Active Patients $500 12 months Yes $300
Up to 10 Active Patients $700 12 months Yes $400
Over 10 Patients
(Unlimited Patients)
$1100 12 months Yes $600
Additional desktop $100 12 months Yes $100

* Note:

  • Prices exclude GST
  • Renewal fees are annual
  • Two additional EasyDose desktop licenses are available


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