We looked into a solution when I was spending my evenings once a month checking written entries to work out the discrepancies between the actual and recorded amounts of CPOP supplies.

We can across EasyDose and cannot fault the personal service we have been given.  Dosing is a lot more ‘foolproof’ and reporting is done with a click of a button! It is life changing in the amount of time and effort it saves. I don’t know why we have waited so long to move away from the old fashioned pen and paper (and calculator)! Would recommend it to anyone with more than a few CPOP (ORT) patients and / or has better things to do with their time.

Thumbs up!

Quinn Jeffery
Revenswood Pharmacy


John has been one been using Easydose since early 2015 and will be available to discuss his experience.
John Lokan
Morphettvale Chemplus Pharmacy Morphettvale SA
“I have been using EasyDose since 30th April 2015, replacing an Windows XP old and cumbersome electronic system.
The speed and efficiency of EasyDose, along with the plethora of on-screen information has assisted not only myself, but staff as well, to be able to quickly and easily dose patients and record the relevant information.
The dosing records are accurate and cannot be tampered with adding an extra level of security to the manual systems.
Stocktake’s and reporting features are substantive and cover more than I require.
The functionality of EasyDose covers it all .
The speed at which I can backup my data is so fast compared to the system I replaced, it saves me at least 1 hour alone each day.
Overall, the speed in which data is entered and the speed in which the reports are collated and produced, certainly saves time and money.
I would recommend EasyDose to any Pharmacist who doses patients on the program.”
Signed PeterAngelos
Midnight Pharmacy
South Australia

“As the name suggests Easydose is an easy to use software program which meets all Health Department requirements in terms of recording and reporting in regards to CPOP. The time saved in no longer having to handwrite each dose is now better spent providing patient care. Easydose is one of the best investments I’ve made for my business”
Anthony Maguire
Woodbridge Pharmacy WA

“Fast, accurate and easy to use for opioid replacement dosing. Our pharmacy switched from paper-based recording to EasyDose’s electronic system 12 months ago and we could not be happier. Our pharmacist’s enjoy the speed and accuracy of the program. Consolidating our dosing records, patient profiles and payment history all into one program has provided huge time and cost savings in our pharmacy”
Daniel Fischer Pharmacist / Manager
Jetty Village Amcal Pharmacy Coffs Harbour NSW

“I have been using Easydose for the past few years starting in Perth WA and now in Melbourne VIC. The program makes opioid replacement therapy (ORT) recording and patient management very easy and eliminates discrepancies such as payments and missed doses. Easydose is user friendly which is great when locum pharmacists are on duty. The program consolidates ORT recording and I’d recommend it to any pharmacy participating in ORT. “
Louise Gabrosvek Prahran Discount Chemist Prahran Victoria

“We have been using EasyDose for a while and find it extremely easy to use. The staff all love it as it takes all the hassle out of the process. It simplifies and speeds up a tedious process.”
Anthony Masi B.Pharm MPS
Pharmacist Proprietor Broome Pharmacy WA

“Easydose Dispensing Software has taken all the pain out of dosing patients. We have been using the software since its inception; you can count on it for exceptional accuracy, simplicity and ease of use. My staff are very glad we made the move from time-consuming paperwork!”
Paul Lindquist
East Victoria Park Soul Pattinson Chemist WA

“We have been using Easydose for a while and find it extremely easy to use. The staff love it as it takes all the hassle out of the process. It simplifies and speeds up a tedious process.”
Anthony Masi B.Pharm MPS
Pharmacist Proprietor Broome Pharmacy